Hosting Profile

At any given time, Loanne Caracta – Macapagal is a wedding planner, a florist, and over-all, a business entrepreneur. However, a role that remains close to her heart is that of being an Event Host.
Loanne started out as an Event Host for weddings, debuts, corporate events, and product launches. Ten years later, this skill has enabled her to wear many hats in the field of events management and styling.
Whether it’s for an intimate gathering or a grandiose celebration, you can be sure Loanne will go the extra mile to make sure you and your guests enjoy your event all throughout.

It's as if she has the right words for every situation. Truly, her wit and youthfulness helped make the event fun and upbeat!
- Ma. Angelica Flores, Debutante, September 28, 2014

Her friendly and vibrant personality allowed our guests to feel at ease which increased guest participation in our planned activities. Her timing was also very good.
- Dan Garcia and Melissa Maňalac, January 3, 2015

There was no dull moment, everything was spontaneous and we were so happy that everyone enjoyed the party.
- Kiko Joven and Sheena Zabala, December 14, 2014